Thursday, June 25, 2009

No nesting this year.

Hi all,
Many thanks for your posts. I thought I had set this blog to automatic update. Unfortunately, the birds are not nesting this year. It is nice to see eagles and other species dropping in for a visit. Perhaps next year birds will nest here again. It is a lovely nest site.
All the Best,
Patrick Keenan
BioDiversity Research Institute


Anonymous Anonymous said...

07/02 @ 09:47

How nice to have the June 25update. I even found old posts on the previous comment. While I check the nest regularly, I had stopped checking the blog!Thank you.

Along with the wind, I have just heard some very strange noises. Anyone else watching around 09:45? Was that a bird/animal or what?

Anxious to see when this post appears.


9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tuesday Aug. 11
Lots of chatter this morning...So teasingly close ....
Don't know if anyone is still blogging here as it has been a long time since being updated.
Was hoping to see a blog from the lucky family who stays in the area of the nest every summer in August. Last year it was great to read their observations on seeing our pair still there.
If this post does become published...looking forward to reading any news you have to offer...and hope your have a wonderful stay.

6:55 AM  

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